CS294-169 is a "Special Topics" course run in conjunction with the upper division undergraduate Software Engineering course (CS169). 

Check out the current semester web page for CS169. The web page for the Fall semester is not yet ready. The lectures in Fall 2014 will be on Monday and Wednesday 5:30-7pm.

The Software Engineering course is unusual in that students are expected to propose the project ideas for applications using a web service architecture along with a user interface either in HTML or mobile. The project will be executed in teams of 4-6 students in four rapid iterations. You can read more about the Spring 2014 projects

This CS294 is a special offering for the EECS Master of Engineering students. Students enrolled in the Data Science and Systems focus area of the M.Eng. program will have priority for enrollment; other graduate students can enroll if space permits. 

The lectures and projects are shared with CS169. Students enrolled in the CS294 component are expected to complete a few additional assignments:
  • Read a number of research papers related to the topics discussed in class. For each paper, students will have to write a short (half a page) summary and critique. 
  • Do several homework assignments where students will have to use a number of advanced software engineering tools, such as monitoring tools, replay debugging tools, delta debugging, static analysis, program verification.
  • Master of Engineering students may have additional responsibilities related to the management of the project teams they are part of.