Android applications by UBVASA

A short description of the applications developed by UBVASA is found below. The help text (also available from within the app) can be found on the page with the application name, see the navigation window to the left.
Thank you for showing interest in the apps by UBVASA.

Golf Servant (GS-Lite)

The Golf Servant by UBVASA provides you with two basic services - handling the score card, and measuring distances.

Here follows a summary of the features available.
- Easy score entering: per player, after every hole just enter
* Number of strokes
* Number of putts (optional)
- The score is available during play as
* Total number of strokes
* Net score (relative to handicap)
* Stableford points
- The score per player is available after the round as a CSV file to be exported,
containing the following data per hole:
* Number of strokes
* Number of putts
* Net score
* Stableford points
* Drive distance
- Rangefinder using phone´s GPS
* References are classified into: Green/Tee/Bunker/Water/Other
* References are further given a name
* References are grouped by hole
* Any number of references can be added
* Distance is presented in meter, or yards
* Distance referencing Tee (=drives) can be saved per player in scorecard
* No limit on number of references
* Support for diff calibration
- Mapping of new course references
* Using Google maps to obtain location data, which is entered into a template
file, and then imported into GolfServant
* Acquired using the GPS on the actual location, and directly fed into GolfServant
* importing a course, received from someone who has created and exported it
(as a CSV file)
- Player data (Name/Gender/Exact hcp) are saved in database, and easily available for
coming rounds
- Support for playing from different tees: White/Yellow/Blue/Red
- Course handicap automatically calculated from course and player data
- Support for quitting the app, and then later resuming the (ongoing) round

The first thing you have to do after installing Golf Servant is to enter the course you want to play. If you can not find someone that already have done this job, from which you can get a file to import, then you need to do this yourself. Entering the "hard facts" about the course (name/num of holes, hole data) is easy, to enter location reference data (for the GPS rangefinder) you can use Google maps to find the latitude/longitude values needed. This is a process that may take an hour or so. To get the feel for the application before investing this amount of time, you can download the template course file from the developer web site. As that is a complete and working course definition you can then import it, and run a simulated round on it. Select it for playing, enter one or more players as new players, and try it out. If you are sitting close to a window you can even start the GPS, and try the range finder (the distances measured will be to the greens of this Swedish course). You can add new references, and maybe move around a little to measure the distance to these. If you like the app after this exercise, you can then invest in entering the data for your course, and the go for a real round of golf.

There is also a light version on Google Play, GS-Lite, that contains the same functionality, but with two constraints - max two players, and a limitation on the number of times results can be exported.

Discgolf Servant (DS-Lite)

Discgolf Servant is a modification of Golf Servant that is dedicated to the sport of disc golf. This means that all golf specific details like handicap, slope system, etc, are removed. It fulfills the same two basic tasks as Golf Servant - replacing the score card, and works as a range finder. It handles up to six players in the same round.

Discgolf Servant is also available in a free version, DS-Lite, on Google Play  with the same restrictions as in GS-Lite.

Password Servant (PS-Lite)

Password Servant is an Android app that allows you to securely store your password data related to different login situations. It also support encryption of files of any content type and size, see the app manual on the Password Servant page on this site.

Password Servant is also available in a free version, PS-Lite, on Google Play  with the restriction that max 5 entries can be saved per password group (7x5 in all). 

Charging Servant (CS-Lite)

Charging Servant helps you with avoiding the irritating situations where you find you have forgotten to charge the phone battery. It does so by monitoring the battery level, and then warn you in due time, doing this at specific times of the day, and set by you. For more information, see the app manual on the Charging Servant page on this site.
Charging Servant is also available in a free version, CS-Lite, on Google Play, having a restriction on the selection of alarm time periods.