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Anime vs Cartoons

  • First and foremost anime and cartoons are not the same and many adults who don't watch anime because they feel that anime is made for kids just like cartoons but in reality anime is made for audiences is made for all audiences.

  • The second thing that is different about anime and cartoons is that anime characters have more depth. When I say depth I mean they grow as a person as the story progresses and they question deep feelings that you would not find in cartoons.

  • Japanese people are amoral so they don't have the same morals as us like we believe that everything in the world should be fair. An example of the amoral beliefs is that in anime there isn't really a belief of good or bad but it is a more complex type of thinking where there are reasons to why they are doing what they are doing.

  • Japanese believe that beauty is Transient which means that it doesn't last that long. A good example of this is the famous Cherry Blossoms which are considered beautiful because they don't live that long. 

  • In Japan it is more about loyalty to your cause so some one who is going to die for the wrong cause is just as heroic as someone dying for the right cause.There is also no guarantee that the people who are considered good will when in the end.

  • Symbolism plays a great part in the anime and is also conceived differently than in America an example of this is like when someone is walking under a cherry blossom tree in bloom. We would see the setting like the season that it is but in Japan that would mean that most likely that character was going to die soon.  

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