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Photo By: Fleciah

Fried Fish.

Samoan cuisines are famous for it’s not so spicy but tangy taste in its dishes. Coconut milk and crème are used sparingly in their dishes. Some other popular food includes fish, taro, breadfish, shellfish, pork and chicken. One of the more famous Samoan dish is called Umu. Umu is made traditionally by cooking this dish in an underground stone oven that is heated by glowing hot lava rocks. The food is also wrapped in banana leaves and plaited in coconut fronds. Western Samoan food is known to have a stronger fish influence. The fish they use is usually caught fresh and are often made into fillets and the stuffed with vegetables. Their salmon is typically stuffed with yellow fin then wrapped in taro leaves. A popular drink is “Kava” which contains a tranquilizing effect.


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