Ubuntu on R51e

This is a tutorial page for install ubuntu 9.04 on a Thinkpad R51e type 1843 model AE2

1. First you need to create an Ubuntu installation CD. The ISO can be found here Download Ubuntu ISO.
2. Once you get the ISO file downloaded you need to burn it to a CD.
    If you need ISO burning software you can download IMGburn for free. Click Here.
3. Once you get your ISO burned to CD insert it into your CD drive.
4. Reboot your Thinkpad.
5. When your machine starts to boot up hit f12 to access the boot menu.
6. Choose the option to boot from CD.
7. This will start you into the Ubuntu Live CD and you can choose to install Ubuntu to the hard drive.

8. Ok here you can choose to install it to the hard drive or Try Ubuntu. For this tutorial and easy of use we are gonna choose Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer.
9. Its gonna boot you into a screen that looks like this.

10. On this screen go ahead and click the install icon.

11. Which will switch you to this screen.
12. For this tutorial we will be installing in english. Make sure its hightlighted then click the forward tab on bottom left of the window.
13. Next you will be asked to choose your timezone. Select your correct timezone then click forward.
14. You will now be asked to pick your keyboard layout. Then click forward.

15. Ok for ease of this tutorial we are gonna assume your using the whole hard drive. If you are trying to dual boot you should read other tutorials on this before attempting to do so. I will tell you this however all the XP dual boots I did I installed xp first then install Ubuntu second. So choose Use the entire disk then click next.

16. On the who are you screen just follow the directions then click Forward.

17. On the ready to install screen review your info and make sure your info is correct. If you are happy with it go ahead and click Install.
18. Now just wait for the files to transfer.

19. Once the install complete Click restart now.

20. Remove the CD and close the tray then just press enter and your first Ubuntu session will start.
21. Now if your using wireless the first thing you will notice is that its not working. Imagine that a wireless card that doesn't like Linux.
22. if you click System on the Menu then Administration Hardware Drivers. Ubuntu will automatically scan and tell you your using a proprietary wireless driver use must ACTIVATE it if you want it to work.
23. Once you activate it close the window and you should see your wireless icon scanning for your network.
24. Might worked flawlessly right off the rip once I activated the driver. I'm hoping you all have the same luck.
25. If you have any issues or question or can input anything to make this tutorial better please feel free to email me at ubuntu@heavenlykid.com