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Taiwanese Graduate Student Association 


Taiwanese Student Association at the University of Buffalo (TWGSA) is a voluntary student society. The purposes are to provide the support to students from Taiwan during their studying in UB, and to share the rich Taiwanese culture with our international friends. It has been our duty to serve and provide the helps to Taiwanese students who are coming or have been studying in UB. We organize an orientation for new students before them coming to UB. We share our experience about housing, living, insurance, grocery shopping, useful resources, etc. The association also set up the arrangement to pick up the new students from the airport, settling down, and open a bank account. Studying abroad is a very fulfilling and also challenging experience. TWGSA is a good place to seek the emotional support. On the traditional holidays, TWGSA organizes the party to celebrate. Taiwanese students could have the chance to gather together, to relax from academic pressure, and to ease their home sick. TWGSA also welcome students from other countries come to join our activities. Through the interaction with students from all over the world, we are honored to share and to introduce Taiwan, our home, and which we are proud of.

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President: Charles Chiang 

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We highly recommend you to subscribe our mailing list, GSA-TW-LIST@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU, from which you can receive the TWGSA announcement and more living information shared by all TWGSA members. 

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Need Airport Pickup!!

 Welcome to join our TWGSA google group and post a request. Of course, you can also ask questions about the new life in Buffalo.