What is U.Bo ?

  • U.Bo Introduction

U.Bo is an alien pet robot that comes from the distant nebulae. The cute alien pet spore, U.Bo lives in the U.Bo spacecraft. It comes to earth to look for the energy of “love” to save U.Bo planet through distant time travel.

A healthy U.Bo has six legs; the cute thing in your hand is the spacecraft that U.Bo lives in. A U.Bo spore grows in the U.Bo spacecraft; you can treat U.Bo like a pet. When you touch it, it will be happy, when you hit it, it will be upset and sad. If you shake it, it will also feel uncomfortable.

U.Bo can walk forward and back, turn left and right, make sound, and make funny faces. It is an alien life that looks for the energy of love. You need to treat it nicely, and accompany it to grow. When it’s hungry, you need to feed it quickly with U.Bo cookies. U.Bo is often hungry, and it will call its owner to feed it. You can feed U.Bo here too, it eats special cookies. Feeding is a necessary condition to raise a healthy, outgoing and cute U.Bo. After eating, U.Bo will be happier and more outgoing. When it finishes eating, it will poop, pee, fart and burp. If you ignore it and do not feed it, it will become a lonely U.Bo without energy. Therefore, the way you take care of it will transfer the energy of love to it. This will decide whether U.Bo will be healthy or not. Therefore, please treat your U.Bo nicely.

The artificial intelligence engine of U.Bo can have interesting interaction with you. When you constantly feed it, it will gradually grow up. After they grow up, they will have different personalities, and different expressions and interactions. Its personality will differ according to the way it’s treated.  

When two U.Bos meet, after absorbing the energy of love from the owner, U.Bos will call each other. The two U.Bos with the energy of happiness will sing, dance and kiss happily. 

The meaning of U.Bo

The meaning of U.Bo, “U” refers to You, which means “Designed for you.” “Bo” refers to Ball, which means a round and mellow feeling. Its appearance is like a teardrop, wrapped an emotional display and a cute colorful tail.

The Survival Energy of U.Bo 

The survival of U.Bo relies on two kinds of energy, one is U.Bo spacecraft “power”, the other one is the “energy of love”. Power is the necessary condition to keep the U.Bo spacecraft operating. Once the U.Bo power is out, the entire U.Bo spacecraft will lose system operation, and create instability. At this time, you need to replace the energy system behind the U.Bo bum (battery cover), after replacing new batteries, U.Bo will continue to operate. U.Bo will also revive again.

In order to allow the power system of the U.Bo spacecraft to be more stable, it is recommended to use long-acting high capacity Ni-MH batteries, so the system can be used longer and save more power, or use alkaline batteries. It is not recommended to use regular batteries. 

Use Your Love Energy to Feed Your U.Bos.