Ubiquitous robots are smart software or physical service providers within ambient intelligence environments. The integration of these robots within cloud computing and ubiquitous computing technologies will enhance our daily lives. Ubiquitous robots as cognitive entities have been able to add value to services compared to traditional systems. They are able to coordinate their activities with other physical or logical entities, move around, sense and explore the environment, and decide, act or react to the situations they may face anywhere and anytime.


In this multidisciplinary workshop, we would like to facilitate the discussions and build a bridge to strengthen the relationship between the ubiquitous computing, robotics and human-computer interaction communities. To allow for that, the workshop program will have invited speeches and papers from these communities that discuss the future trends, impacts and challenges for these fields and their combination, in addition to submitted papers and presentations. Without being restrictive, the workshop will cover the following topics:
  • Software engineering frameworks in ubicomp and ubirobot
  • Affective computing to foster human – environment - robot interaction
  • Context awareness, Activity recognition, semantic reasoning to enhance ubirobot cognitive capabilities
  • Ubiquitous robots integration within the semantic web and cloud computing
  • Novel application fields of ubiquitous computing and ubiquitous robotics     

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Talk 1: From Services to Servos: Challenges and Opportunities in Ubirobotics"
Speaker: Katia Sycara, Research Professor, Robotics and holder (part time) of the Sixth Century Chair in computing Science, University of Aberdeen UK. Director of the Advanced Agent-Robotics Technology Lab, CMU, USA.

Keynote Talk 2: “A Personal Perspective in the context of Natural User Interfaces"
Speaker: Dr Stewart Tansley, Director, Microsoft Research Connections, USA

Keynote Talk 3
: “Intelligence Technology for Ubiquitous Robots
Speaker: Dr Jong-Hwan Kim, Chair Professor, KAIST, KOREA, IEEE Fellow,
President, IROC President
Director, National Center for Robot Intelligence Technology,

Director, National Research Lab for Cognitive Humanoid Robot,

Keynote Talk 4: “Cloud Networked Robotics for Supporting Daily Activity"
Speaker: Dr Norihiro Hagita, Director, ATR  Intelligent Robotics and Communication
Labs &  ATR  Media Information Science Labs, Japan