Revelations of Mars

A dying world plagued by ceaseless conflict

smolders in the night sky,

home to the revelations of Mars.

This sourcebook expands Hollow Earth Expedition to include Mars, a dying and dangerous planet filled with strange aliens, bizarre creatures, and vast, inhospitable wastelands. Fight for survival or vie for supremacy as a marauding sky pirate, powerful robot bodyguard, or conniving Martian noble. Experience Hollow Earth Expedition from an outside perspective—one that wields powerful weapons and hungers for earthly treasures as much as any terrestrial power.

Inside you will find everything you need to run out-of-this-world adventures or give your existing Hollow Earth games a bizarre twist: guidelines for creating robot and alien player characters; new and expanded psychic powers; an unearthly bestiary and equipment list; and details on strange Martian inhabitants and extraterrestrial locations.

Revelations of Mars had a wonderfully successful Kickstarter which reached Funded status very quickly.

More artwork appeared through the Kickstarter page (which can be found here).

YouTube Video

Some of the art is actually a bit racy (like this green woman). If there is an abundance of artwork like this, it might cause some problems with some of the more conservative customers.

This is some of the earliest artwork that appeared for Revelations of Mars.