The Church

In a France troubled by demons, the Church has a greater role to play than many realize. This supplement takes a look at playing Church characters within the All for One setting. Inside you will find brief notes on church buildings and monastic orders, three new secret societies, four new NPC church characters, advice on running church-based campaigns, three sample characters, and a page of new sample lackeys. This product is not a detailed study of the Catholic Church, its beliefs, or its many offices.


Also available in Compendium Une

  • Introduction 
    • Religious Intolerance 
    • Church Buildings 
    • Monastic Orders 
  • Friends & Foes 
    • The Carolingians 
      • History 
      • Organization 
      • Members 
      • Typical Member 
    • Order of St. George 
      • History 
      • Organization 
      • Members 
      • The Armorer 
      • Typical Member 
    • Sisters of Bradamante 
      • History 
      • Organization 
      • Members 
      • Sister-Knight Agatha 
      • Typical Member 
  • Church Campaigns 
    • Making Characters 
    • Rank 
    • Church Campaign 
    • Mixed Campaign 
  • Sample Characters 
    • Crime Solving Friar 
    • Retired Musketeer 
    • Vengeful Priest 
  • Sample Lackeys 

  • Bradamantite Rank Resource