Serious Situations

Chases, sieges, and treaties, oh my!

Designed with the busy Gamemaster in mind, this supplement expands the existing Extended Action rules to include the entire party. From chases to treaty negotiations and sieges to investigations, these rules combine narrative interaction and dice rolling as a way of handling complex or lengthy tasks.

Eleven sample situations and a detailed example show the versatility of Group Extended Actions, and provide a framework for the Gamemaster's own creations.

Although designed for the All for One setting, this product can be used with other Ubiquity settings with minimal changes.

  • Introduction 
  • Group Extended Actions 
    • Defining the Scene 
    • Running Group Actions 
      • The Passage of Time 
    • Skills 
      • Skill Use 
      • Keeping the Group Together 
      • Teamwork Bonuses 
      • Taking the Average 
      • Resources 
      • Talents 
      • Skills without Successes 
      • Moving the Action Forward 
    • Difficulty 
    • Modifiers 
    • Ending the Action 
      • Breaking down Actions 
    • The Price of Failure 
    • Opposed Rolls 
  • Sample Actions 
    • Boarding Action 
    • Cross Country Chase 
    • Escaping Captivity 
    • Find the Papers 
    • Interrogation 
    • Investigation 
    • Mass Battle 
    • Negotiation 
    • Riding the Storm 
    • Smuggling 
    • Thwarting the Ritual 
  • Detailed Example