Europe stands at the brink of the modern age. Through the development of science, learned men and women are beginning to challenge the medieval mindset of superstition, moving towards the making of a rational world. This supplement is a handy reference for Gamemasters to understand what technology existed in the era of All for One, as well as a guideline for introducing academic and scientific characters.

Contents include an overview of the science of the age, four new secret societies, three sample characters, and eight new lackeys.

  • Introduction 
  • An Age of Discovery 
    • Astronomy 
    • Chemistry & Physics 
    • Mathematics 
    • Medicine 
    • The World 
    • Future Discoveries 
  • Universities 
  • Free Thinkers 
    • History 
    • Organization 
    • Members 
  • The Hermetic Brotherhood 
    • History 
    • Organization 
    • Members 
  • L’Académie Française 
    • History 
    • Organization 
    • Members 
  • Order of Daedalus 
    • History 
    • Organization 
    • Members 
  • Campaigns 
    • Creating Characters 
    • Character Advice 
    • Campaign Advice 
  • Sample Characters 
    • Crackpot Scholar 
    • Intelligent Duelist 
    • Skeptical Zoologist 
  • Sample Lackeys 
  • Modes of Thought 
  • Science and Faith 
  • New Flaws