Nobles & Courtiers

The corridors of power are the playground for the nobility and those who aspire to power. The doors to the court have now been cast open, allowing you to mingle with the movers and shakers in French society. But beware, for behind the polite smiles and elegant garb lurks a world of intrigue.

This supplement expands the All for One rules to allow for nobles and courtiers as player characters. It details historical titles and roles, explores what it means to be a noble, and provides guidelines for running a campaign centered around courtly life.

Also available in Compendium Une

  • Introduction 
  • The Nobility 
    • Privileges, Responsibilities, and Taboos 
    • Class 
    • Title 
  • Courtiers 
    • The Great Officers 
    • Lesser Officers 
  • Noble Campaigns 
    • Making Characters 
      • Roles & Class 
    • Gaining Titles in Play 
      • Losing Titles 
    • Campaign Types 
      • Courtly Campaign 
      • Musketeer Campaigns 
  • Sample Characters 
    • Court Gossip 
    • Magistrate 
    • Rake 
    • Reformed Sinner 
    • Secret Hero 
  • Lackeys 
  • New Talent 
  • New Flaws