Nautical Adventures

Ahoy, shipmates! This supplement for the All for One RPG takes a look at the French navy and naval adventures in the time of the Musketeers. Also included are new rules suitable for mariners, a collection of friends and allies ranging from corsairs to mermaids to whales, and rules for using storms in a variety of different ways. To help you set sail quickly, there are three sample characters and a crew of sample lackeys.

Also available in Compendium Une

  • Introduction 
    • A Brief History of the French Navy 
    • Rank 
    • Types of Ship 
  • Ship Combat 
  • Friends & Enemies 
    • Corsairs 
    • Mermaid 
    • Sea Witch 
    • Mundane Sea Creatures 
      • Dolphin 
      • Octopus, Giant 
      • Seal 
      • Shark 
      • Whale 
    • Storms 
      • Travel Encounter 
      • Combat Hazard 
      • Nautical Hazard 
  • Sample Characters 
    • Corsair 
    • Ship's Captain 
    • Wind Witch 
  • Sample Lackeys 
  • New Skill: Boating 
  • New Athletics Specialization 
  • New Talents 
  • New Gear 
  • New Flaws