Intrigue & Diplomacy

Intrigue is a staple of the swashbuckling genre. Nefarious schemes to overthrow kings, spies seeking to unlock secrets through larceny and seduction, and multi-layered plots set in motion by shadowy figures go hand in hand with swordsmanship and witty repartee. Tied into this is the murky world of diplomacy, where the great nations of Europe seek to outmaneuver each other on the continental stage. 

As one might expect, though, the world of diplomacy and intrigue is a complex one. The material in this supplement is greatly simplified, being intended as an aid for a gaming campaign rather than an historical treaty on early Enlightenment diplomacy. 

Richelieu’s Guide to Wondrous Devices, which introduces the Spying Skill as well as several tools of use to characters seeking to engage in intrigue, is highly recommended, but not essential. 

This supplement explores the history of European diplomacy, diplomatic ranks, and diplomatic immunity. Campaign advice is given for creating various types of character, and for running intrigue-based games. Five new characters, a page of lackeys, six new Flaws, and two new Talents provide players with plenty of new options.

  • Introduction 
  • A Very Brief History of European Diplomacy 
  • Diplomatic Ranks 
    • Rank Table 
  • Diplomatic Immunity 
  • Campaign Advice 
    • Character Creation 
      • Diplomats 
      • Spies 
      • Court Wits 
    • Intrigue Campaigns 
  • Sample Characters 
    • Cipher Breaker 
    • Concealer of the Truth 
    • Magickal Manipulator 
    • Papal Agent 
    • Secret Republican 
  • Sample Lackeys 
    • Code Breakers 
    • Destroyer of Reputations 
    • Diplomatic Attaché 
    • Finder of Secrets 
    • Manipulative Servant 
    • Messenger 
    • Politician 
    • Spy 
  • New Flaws 
  • New Talents 
  • Cutting Words 
  • Codes & Ciphers