French Colonies

While the great European empires are centuries away, the race to colonize the New World has begun. Spanish vigilance in protecting its trade monopolies and the ravages of the French Wars of Religion seriously hampered France's early colonial ambitions, but now Richelieu has ordered a new wave of expansion.

This supplement details the history of France's early colonialism, literally opening up a new world of adventure.

Inside you'll find an overview of France's fledgling overseas colonies, new monsters and mundane threats, two sample characters, and a page of lackeys ideally suited to life abroad.

  • Introduction 
    • A Late Start 
  • New France 
    • Early History 
    • Acadia 
    • Quebec 
      • Other Major Settlements 
      • Land managerment 
  • The Caribbean 
    • Saint Christophe 
    • Guadeloupe 
    • Martinique 
    • Tortuga 
  • Companies 
    • One Hundred Associates 
    • The American Islands 
  • Friends & Foes 
    • Baykok 
    • Wendigo 
      • Becoming a Wendigo 
    • Mundane Threats 
      • Indian Warrior 
      • Medicine Man 
  • Colonial Campaigns 
    • Making a Character 
    • Colonial Campaign 
    • Musketeer Campaign 
  • Sample Characters 
    • Exiled Musketeer 
    • Medicine Man 
  • Sample Lackeys 
  • Title Changes & No Protestants! 
  • New Flaws 
  • New Talents 
  • Indian Deities 
  • It's a Hard Life