The late 16th and early 17th century marks the dawn of a new age. The early days of colonialism, scientific advancement across multiple fields, a shift toward religious absolutism, and advances in warfare are changing the face of Europe. But these are not the only changes. For those with money and status, there are changes in fashion.

Inside you'll find an overview of the fashions and cosmetics of the age, guidelines for making fashionable characters, new rules, two sample characters, and a page of lackeys.
  • Introduction 
  • Clothing 
    • Ladies' Fashion 
    • Men's Fashion 
    • Shoes 
    • Children's Fashion 
    • Fashion Police 
  • Cosmetics 
    • Perfume 
    • Make-up 
  • Fashionable Characters 
  • Sample Characters 
    • Alchemical Nez 
    • Dandy Highwayman 
  • Sample Lackeys 
    • Dedicated Follower of Fashion 
    • Disguise Artist 
    • Dog Groomer 
    • Dressmaker or Tailor 
    • Fashionable Fencer 
    • Overdressed Fop 
    • Trainee Alchemical Nez 
    • Trainee Nez 
  • New Talent (Fashionable), New Social Flaw (No Fashion Sense), New Skill Disciplines (Craft: Dressmaking & Craft: Tailoring) 
  • Restrictive Clothing 
  • Making New Outfits