Expanded Characters

This supplement for the All for One: Regime Diabolique RPG delves into enhanced character generation, looking at both female heroes and giving rules for creating characters ouside the Musketers. Female heroes are given a new organization, the Queen's Musketeers, while five new female sample characters depict a wide range of heroines. Rounding out the rules are new Archetypes and Motivations, a new Talent, and a new combat maneuver. Two new secrets societies, the Black Blades and Richelieu's Hounds, are presented for the Gamemaster.

Also available in Compendium Une

  • Introduction 
    • Restrictions 
  • The Queen's Musketeers 
    • History 
    • Organiation 
    • Members 
    • Female King's Musketeers 
  • Non-Musketeers 
    • Starting Skills 
    • Starting Resources 
    • Backstory 
  • Sample Characters (all female) 
    • Bodyguard [Queen's Musketeer] 
    • Gypsy Crone 
    • Manipulator 
    • Nun 
    • Sniper [King's Musketeer] 
  • Sample Lackeys 
  • The Black Blades 
  • Richelieu's Hounds 

  • New Archetypes: Guardian, Patron, Outcast 
  • New Motivations: Glory, Preservation, Wisdom 
  • new Talent: Sweep 
  • New Maneuver: Sweep