Creatures of Sin

Evil exists in many guises. From the Ankou, Death's lieutenant, to the fearsome Peluda of the Biblical age, this supplement details 11 new supernatural terrors for the 
All for One RPG, as well as two new mundane threats and a secret society of troubled souls seeking salvation. Additional material looks at the nature of evil, the rulers of Hell, unholy nights when evil holds great power, and much more. Strap on your sword, prime your musket, and prepare to face your worst nightmares!

Also available in Compendium Une

  • Introduction 
    • On Evil 
  • Supernatural Creatures 
    • Ankou, The 
    • Beast of Gévaudan 
    • Brazen Head 
    • Demonic Steed 
    • Hand of Vengeance 
    • Hellequin 
    • Homme Sauvage 
    • Lutin (aka Redcap) 
    • Matagot 
    • Ogre 
    • Peluda 
  • Mundane Threats 
    • Agitator 
    • Torturer 
  • The Watchers 

  • Fallen Angels & Demons 
  • Who Rules Hell? 
  • Occult Grimoires 
  • Pagan Gods 
  • Unholy Nights 
  • Seven Sins, Seven Demons