The science of the ancients, alchemy represents mankind's first foray into understanding the nature of his world through experimentation and observation. While it introduces the concepts of scientific methodology, alchemy is a pseudoscience, blended with astrology, religion, and mythology. 

This supplement delves deeper into the forbidden art of alchemy, providing both background notes intended to add more flavor to the game, and new game mechanics expanding the magickal tradition. Four alchemist characters and a bunch of lackeys likely to be found in their employ round out the supplement.

  • Introduction 
    • - What's in a Name? 
    • A Very Brief History 
    • Alchemists of the Age 
    • Alchemy & the Law 
  • Alchemical Art 
    • The Twelve Processes 
    • Alchemical Equipment 
    • Laboratories & Kits 
    • The Elements 
    • Distilatio Infernalis 
  • Campaigns 
    • Creating Characters 
    • Musketeer Campaigns 
    • Mixed Campaigns 
    • - Burn the Witch! 
  • Sample Characters 
    • Alchemical Fencer 
    • Charlatan Alchemist 
    • Distiller of Demons 
    • Dying Alchemist 
  • Lackeys 

  • The Philosopher's Stone 
  • Naming Potions 
  • Alchemical Texts 
  • Optional Rule: Planetary Effects 
  • Is Alchemy Really Magick?