Welcome! This site is dedicated to developing and presenting a cross-disciplinary perspective that incorporates all the essential cutting-edge scientific knowledge available at the moment. I try to make the style of the presentation as accessible as possible to a general audience interested in understanding the scientific world-view.


The ultimate purpose of this cognitive endeavor is to achieve a level of independence from expert authority as elevated as possible. This can only be done by developing an informed ability to judge and assess what the experts are saying. Given that our environment is now almost entirely shaped by science, I consider that each individual should develop such a cross-disciplinary sense and knowledge for otherwise democracy, which involves a large percentage of the population in many decision making processes, is in danger of becoming overcome by ignorance.


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According to Richard Feynman, science is the organized skepticism in the reliability of expert opinion. I would like such a freedom to become available to every single person. And I would like that scientists would acquire such a freedom even outside of their specialized field. Insofar I have met only very few such people and I consider myself to be one of them. Hopefully, this site will contribute to increasing our numbers and sparking multidisciplinary debates.


I should note that some have already taken such liberties from expert opinion in a different way: not by understanding science but by simply rejecting it. This however I find to be a self-defeating strategy as it ignores the technological nature of our every day reality. Ignorance might be comforting but it isn't freedom.


What's this site all about?

Who's afraid of science?

How to debate anything?

The great paradigm shift of materialism

Matter, Motion and Evolution


Where do numbers come from?

What are spatial dimensions?

What is calculus all about?

Godel's theorems and how math got back to Earth

Playing with probabilities; what science is all about


Newton's unknown legacy

Newton's gamble

Where does irreversibility come from?

Understanding the theory of relativity

Where does E = mc2 come from?

The quark's identity problem

Why is quantum mechanics so weird?

Paradigmatic quantum effect observed in a macroscopic system

What is plasma?

What are liquids?

Self-assembly: from snowflakes to nano-technology  

Turbulence – the last mystery of classical physics

Chemistry and Biology

Why do chemical reactions turn the way they do?

The source of all the magic: how do enzymes work?

The inner machine: DNA and Proteins

The origin of life

How does evolution work?

Solving Darwin's dilemma

How much energy does it take to make a new species?

Empiric evidences for the appearance of new species

Why do we have sex?


What is information?

The cybernetics of Darwinian evolution

Causality and the birth of intentionality

What is a robot?

How to make a robot with independent will?

What is ergodicity?

Coping with non-ergodicity 

Being Human: Self and Society

Almost Human

What's the difference between you and your dog?

Rats are really smart

Monkeys keep turning to be smarter than we think they are

Dolphins choose their own names and orcas teach their brothers how to kill

Chimps have an instinct for generosity

Neanderthals were too smart to survive

What Makes Us Human?

Why did our brain evolve?

What can we learn from optical illusions?

The evolution of grammar 

The self and the others: where does culture come from?

The empathy neurons: How do mirror neurons work?

Autistics: the most inhuman humans

Dealing with uncertainty: are we really so irrational?

Building a mind: the invasion of the dumb homunculi

The first person authority myth

The subject and its masks

The evolution of spirituality

The limits of human cognition

Is human biology still evolving?

What is consciousness good for?

What is a metaphor?

Language and beyond: what can and cannot be said

How Does Society Work?

Unleashing the selfishness: the world map

Why do religions exist?

Why do religions involve sacrifices and focus so much on death?

What are states and how did they appear?

Where do money, banks and economic recessions come from?

A world of entrepreneurs

Minority games

Why did communism fail?

How does history work?

How would the future look like?


Why do we laugh?

What is anger good for?

The chameleon in a mirrored box

The discontinuous world: how can you prove it?

The metaphysics of object oriented programming (OOP)

Cellular automata: is the universe a giant computer?

Why is there something rather than nothing?

How the stars are born

What will happen when the Sun will die?

Earth seen from Saturn

We are causing the sixth mass extinction in Earth's history

How does the climate work?

How can you help advancing science when you're not doing anything

The value of selfishness