Jimmy Forsythe, a shady music producer, embarks on a unique journey to give the world just what it needs... another boy band!  But he knows that in order for them to survive in the public eye and make him cash, he must assemble a group of heartthrobs that are on the cutting-edge of trend and popularity.  Determined to create a successful boy band from scratch, Forsythe heads to Minnesota to hold auditions.


Five young men are chosen to fill the positions. Jake Jackson, the youngest of the five... Jason Evans, the oldest, a mysterious street-smart bad boy... Sean Michael Peirson, the over-dedicated go-to guy who gave up a budding solo career to join the band... Seth Whittacker, from Hinckley, who leaves his family, girlfriend, and the cows behind for the big city. And Formica, the all-important missing link who will send the group into superstardom, if he ever shows up! 


Be a part of their roller coaster ride as they get churned through the proverbial boy band pop-star machine made famous by *N Sync, the Backstreet Boys, and O Town.  The show concludes with a full out singing and dancing live concert including six original pop songs written by local musician and national composer Dennis Curley!