Girl, Girl Lyrics
Music by Dennis Curly, Lyrics by Ryan North Ó Hamel Road Theatre Project, 1999 - 2001

(Girl Girl)  I think I want you too much

(Girl Girl)  I know I need you to touch

[My heart]  And take me with you everywhere

(I'll go with you everywhere girl)


It's kinda breakin' my heart (girl girl)

Every time we're apart (knock knock)

Look out your window, baby I'm there

(I am out here on the lawn girl)


I've been tryin' hard most every day

(Every day girl girl)

Hopin' you would finally [hear me say]


Chorus:            Girl girl G G G G girl girl

Will will W W W W will will

You you Y Y Y Y you you

Will you be mine?


(Oh girl)  I'll carry your books for you

(And girl)  You know I'll always be true

[To you] If you'll just give me half a try

(Why won't you give me half a try girl)


Though I know you're at home

(Girl Girl) You never answer the phone

[What's up?] Your mom says that you're out tonight

(But I see your bedroom light girl)


I am camping out here on the lawn

(On the lawn girl girl)

Until I know your [mom and dad are gone]




Dance Break


(It's the truth)  I really tend to loose my head

(Loose my head girl girl)

If I can't be with you, I'd rather (be dead)


Chorus x 5