Sean Peirson:

From Minneapolis, 21 years old, goes to Music Tech for voice, had a somewhat promising solo career - at least he thinks, parents don't understand his artist within, dad thinks he's gay.  (Pictured: Ryan Paul North)


Seth Whittaker:

From rural Minnesota, farm boy, long-time girlfriend back home, has only been to the "City" once when he was little, goes crazy in Minneapolis. (Pictured: Mike Postle)


Jake Jackson:

At 17 years old, he is the youngest in the group, from the burbs, Jake has never had a serious girlfriend, excelled in his schoolwork before he dropped out to join U Betcha, looses his virginity to Stacy the choreographer. (Pictured: Tim McVean)


Jason Evans:

The "Bad boy" of the bunch, ran away from home years ago, makes a living as a street performer, somewhat of a mystery, falls hard for Stacy the choreographer. (Pictured: Barry Patrick)



Boy Band Vocal Director: Worked as a music producer and vocal trainer in MPLS for years, DJ's on the side, knows every single vocal warm up there is, uses phrases like, "you have to keep your tool lubricated", DRAMA QUEEN, quits at the drop of hat.  (Pictured: Aaron Gabriel)


Jimmy Forsythe:

Boy Band Manager: Very rich, has spent most of his life in the music industry, was partners with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (something bad happened), makes huge claims to his past successes, alcoholic. (Pictured: Rick Logan)



Stacy Turner:

Boy Band Choreographer: Full of energy, totally into being "the dancer", danced in New York, slept her way up to the top of the NY Dance circuit, was slated to choreograph Backstreet Boys, "Black & Blue" tour, but she had a breakdown, moved to MPLS, worked for the past few months at Valley Fair as a dancer and weight/age guesser.  (Pictured: Nikki Kromminga)