Professional ENG, EFP HDV 1080i Cameras:
Sony Professional Broadcast HDV •  HDTV, SD, 24p

(2) Sony HVR-HD1000U Digital High Definition HDV Camcorder shoulder mounted camera • High Definition HDV Camcorder Precision 16:9 SD DV recording  • HDV 1080 60iSD Flash Memory Photo Capture 6.1 Mega pixel still image  (Available - 2 Gig)

(1) Sony HVR-A1U Digital High Definition HDV Camcorder Precision 16:9 SD DV recording • 24p • HDV 1080 60i/30 frame/24 frame Record and Playback • Time Code • SD Flash Memory Photo Capture 3.1 Mega pixel still image (Available - 2 Gig)

Sennheiser EW122P G2
Wireless Cardioid Lav Mic System
 SK100G2 Bodypack Transmitter
Camera-mount Receiver ME4 
Cardioid Lavalier Mic
 CL100 XLR output cable
CL1 1/8" line output cable.

 (1) Sony ECM-66B miniature omni-directional lavalier microphone designed for professional broadcast, sound reinforcement and recording applications - XLR 1.5 V Powered 5000 hours time.
Electro Voice Live Interview Microphone. Pro Dynamic Omni-Directional XLR Broadcast Microphone.

Sony Shotgun Microphones
(2) Shockmounts
& Boom Poles
BeachTek Dual XLR Adapter, mic/line level switches, independent volume controls 2 channels.

ÜberVisual Productions works with other production companies small and large. Here is a list of some vital equipment we use and *rent out for production work.

Camera Tripod Heads:
(2) Bogen Manfrotto 3066 Cine Video Fluid Head
Quick release plate Maximum Load Capacity 22 lbs
(1) Bogen Manfrotto 3130 Video Fluid Head
Quick release plate Maximum Load Capacity 8.9 lbs
(1) Manfrotto 141RC Camera Head
Quick release plate Maximum Load Capacity 13.22 lbs

(1) Manfrotto 234RC Camera/Monopod Head
Quick release plate Maximum Load Capacity 5.51 lbs

(2) Bogen Manfrotto 3068 Pro Tripod
Maximum Load Capacity 32.67 lbs - Max. Height 68.10" Tall
(1) Bogen Manfrotto 3058 Super Pro Tripod
Maximum Load Capacity 44.10 lbs - Max. Height 105" Tall
(1) Bogen Manfrotto 3035 Pro Tripod
Maximum Load Capacity 26 lbs - Max. Height 79.5" Tall
(1) Manfrotto 055CLB Pro Tripod (Euro)
Maximum Load Capacity 13.3 lbs - Max. Height 70.1" Tall
(1) Bogen Manfrotto 3001 Pro Tripod
Maximum Load Capacity 11.10 lbs - Max. Height 57.1" Tall
(1) Manfrotto 497BC Monopod (Euro)
Maximum Load Capacity 13.3 lbs - Max. Height 70.1" Tall

(2) Bogen Manfrotto 3056 Dolly
Maximum Load Capacity 8.16 lbs
(1) Bogen Manfrotto 3067 Cine Deluxe Dolly
Maximum Load Capacity 132.28 lbs

(1) Glidecam
Steadicam Pilot
Coming Spring 2009

8' Foot Crane shown with Stand
Increase it to 12' Foot

(1) Pro Heavy Duty Tripod
Maximum Load Capacity 100 lbs - Max. Height 70.1" Tall
(1) Pro 12' Foot Aluminum Crane
Lightweight and sturdy 6061 aircraft aluminum construction
Gains 9ft (274cm) from the tripod or support and up to 21ft from the ground when attached to the Bogen 3058 large tripod and Bogen 3067 Cine Deluxe Dolly Above. Crane breaks down to 4', 8', max 12'.
Maximum Load Capacity 8 lbs (Camera)

Sony LANC Controller

7" 16:9 or 4:3 LCD HD Monitor
w/Sony InfoLithuim Battery Powered Adapter.

Dolly & Track:
(6) Four Foot Runs

Video Production HD & SD Freelance Crew Services:
Use of our Camera Equipment adds to their Daily Rates.

ÜberVisual Productions uses High Definition Video (HDV) to Produce High Quality HDTV that is Broadcast Quality and conforms to 2009 NSTC or PAL Broadcast Standards 1920 x 1080 HDTV. Producing DVD's for Customers or Video Files Ready for CD's and Internet Use. Solutions for LIVE Broadcast Streaming Video over the Internet in Real Time.


Editing Software:
Final Cut Studio Pro

(1) Lowel Omni Light 600 watts 
(3) Smith Victor Q60
Cable: 10 ft., 3-wire grounded
Construction: Vented and baffled aluminum
Mounting: Universal 3/8 in. to 5/8 in.
Rating: 120-volt - 5.4 amps @ 600 watts
Reflector: Pebble-finish spun aluminum
Socket: 2-pin pre-f
Barn Doors
(2) Photoflex Professional Light Stand

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*Equipment Rental Based on Approval with required deposit. By Using Equipment For Production Purposes You Agree To Terms of Use.
Deposit maybe required to reserve Date for Services in Advance.

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