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cinematographer  •  director of photography  •  narrative  •  commercial  •  industrial  •  post production


I didn't get my start on a great feature film like "PULP FICTION," I started with a pencil and a piece of paper and a good imagination along with an artistic ability.

Framing shots came natural when I received my first 35mm camera by the age of 9, purchased some photography books studied techniques, the SLR camera and built a darkroom shortly after, then took photography class offered for the first and last time in 8th grade, then again in College. What began as a hobby turned into a valuable skill that I continued to pursue into adulthood, it gave me the upper hand in making the transition to video later.

Went to a Community College that had a Public TV station and a Broadcasting program.  Delta College, University Center Bay City MI, Channel 19 WDCQ, field of study Broadcast Electronic Media.

In 2001 I took an interest in the web and video on the web, took a break from work to learn HTML, Photoshop in College. It proved to be a wise move, combined with photography and video I was able to use those artistic abilities I had from the start in a new multimedia format.

I have worked as a Freelance Camera Operator and Cinematographer for Independent Directors and Producers of films and videos, along with other Production Companies over the years while working on my own projects. Low budget productions have me doing double duties by working the lighting, it's not a problem, I understand setting up lighting for TV/Video, and like to experiment with different techniques in creating a 3D looking picture. 

In post production I am comfortable with editing video, motion, color correction, sound, typography and graphics using Photoshop CS. HD and SD video format and compression for broadcast TV, ipod, web files and DVD.

I do work for a host of National and Worldwide Online content providers of Video and B-Roll. I also Freelance for The News, Broadcast TV and Webcast, member of National Press Photographers Association. (ENG, EFP)

My services are available to all pending review of production or event to be taped and rates vary. Willing to travel and work on any project developed by an emerging Director or Producer with a budget and a vision. Freelance Production Crew workers are available from my network of contacts.



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