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ÜberVisual Digital Photography, Stock Photo, Graphic Arts. Consulting new users to the world wide web and e-commerce, offering Guerrilla marketing for those ready to make a statement.

ÜberVisual Productions a low budget video production company with high quality results taped in 24p, 1080i HDTV and SD. We provide Crew services to other Production Companies, Directors and Producers of Film and TV. 

B-Roll for Advertising Agencies and Post Production as specified in shot log. Stock Video Footage from my library or created to order in any format, MiniDV, DVD and files for websites.

ÜberVisual.com is an online portfolio of images and reels for wmprofoto© which are all a division of isbcn l.l.c.®,  This site is new and will be adding photos, videos and more content often, when time permits.  Thanks for visiting this site.

MultiMedia Services
Our Focus is Video Productions, but we offer a variety of services to our clients to help further their project.

Art/Graphics - commissioned art, graphic design, sculpture, water color, digital photoshop, set design. Web - consulting for the world wide web, audio and video streaming, web and blog template design, web cams and security, hosting solutions, domain conception. Marketing - consulting and guerilla marketing. Video - freelance camera operators, pre- and post productions, music videos, commercials, web adverts, viral videos, personal and contracted production services. Foto - freelance photographic services by wmprofoto© n.p.p.a., stock foto imagery.

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