You have reached the website for the UBERHOOP, the world's most technologically advanced hula hoop!

The UBERHOOP is unlike any hoop you've ever seen.  It can display a limitless variety of colors and patterns, and mimic any other LED hoop on the market.  It can sense and respond to the movements of its user, synchronizing its patterns to motions.  It can be controlled wirelessly, opening up new possibilities for coordinated shows with multiple dancers.  Even little things have been improved, like incorporating a magnetic power switch to make it virtually impossible to turn off accidentally.  All this is nestled snugly in sturdy 3/4" translucent tubing.

Each hoop features custom electronics designed by a computer science PhD student, and is carefully hand-assembled in Austin, Texas.  Whether you're performing in a group or just hooping for fun, the UBERHOOP is sure to impress!

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