Team Meetings


Team meetings:


Monday April 21st:
Created Installation Program and finalized loose ends.  Assigned documentation to team members to be due on Wednesday.  Testing specs, and created test report.  Split testing requirements between teammates to be due by end of week.  Finalized hardware connections and assembled "switch box."  Verified that loose connections were tightened and that all switches were functioning. 

Attendees: All

Monday April 14th:
Discussed web cam design and requirements.  Discussed web cam integration into Disco code.  Discussed testing requirements and strategy.  Modified and talked about GUI user interface and decided on adequate desigh for Center of Handicap.  Finalized Saving of profiles including saving of audio and video preferences. 

Attendees: All

Monday April 7th:
Developed and published Schematics Drawing.  Discussed Webcam setup and integration into application.  Finished integration of audio/video.  Discussed and assigned development of saving a student profile.  Both web cam and profile will be developed and inter grated by this Friday.  Next Monday will discuss making the application look professional.

Attendees: All


Monday March 24th:
Developed and published Project Plan.  Gathered and discussed software development.  Set following deadlines.  Relay/ switch wiring. (Wed march 26th)  Audio and video. (Friday March 28th) We will meet Friday to discuss open house.  Open house is this Saturday, March 29th 12:00 - 3:00.

Attendees: All


Monday March 17th:
Wired relays to switches! Split programming material to be mostly complete by March 29th.  Button controlled relays by March 19th(Kevin). Audio/Video support by March 24th.(Abhishek, Thomas, Vaibhav)  Statistics and profile save by March 27th. (Tim, Abdul)  Visual display to come after(all).

Attendees: All


Monday March 3rd:
Parts List created.  Architectural drawings created.   Off next Monday. 

Attendees: All

Monday February 26th:
Initial solution was started to see if any obstacles with design would exist.
Continued to discuss design and implementation of all requirements.
Came to decision on implementation of sound and video, to match ease of use and functionality requirements.
Set up email to post amendments to project.
Discussed further development issues.

Attendees: All

Monday February 18th:
Discussed and voted on parts to be purchased. Submitted parts list to purchasing staff.
Found easy to use input interface, but output was reather split.  Decided on 100% known reliability but not optical pleasent.

Attendees: All
Next:Bring Software interface Class and member list.

Monday February 11th:

Parts List discussed and purchase searches divided amongs members.

Attendees: All
Next: Find and print parts that you have found

Monday February 4th:
Sketch was drawn from all drafts and decided on further developent issues.
Decided on .NET framework working with c#.
Final description was finalized and further discussions with center was deemed necessary.
Draft approved by professor.

Attendees: All
Next: Bring Hardware requirements

Tuesday January 29th:
Formed future meeting time: Mondays at 5:00.
Discussed website design and starked on phase 1 of project, to be posted on assignment page.
Initially Discussed all design issues, and interface options.

Attendes: All
Next meeting: Think about parts and interface options, and development atmosphere.