Basic Requirement List


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Abhishek Chatterjee, Thomas Gayvert,
Vaibhav Jain, Vicki Kaiser,
Kevin Zbrezny, Abdul Khan


Basic Requirements



  1. Able to connect up to eight standardized switches (ie. jellybean) as inputs
  2. Minimum of eight output outlet ports

(Further hardware depends on software development environment decisions)



  1. Switches must be configurable as press-and-hold vs press-and-release
  2. Switches must be configurable to turn on different outputs
  3. System must have student profiles to remember student preferences
  4. System must be able to automatically recognize how many input ports are connected
  5. Student profiles should be able to monitor progress statistically
  6. Software must be Microsoft Vista-Compatible





The DISCO system starts with the student-interface.  There are up to eight jellybean switches that the student can press to react with the DISCO environment.  The switches are standardized and interchangeable so they may accommodate the needs of any student at the CHC.  The output stimuli (lights, bubbles, projectors, etc.) will all be connected to 110/220VDC outlets, where each outlet will be individually controlled by the software interface.  This will allow therapists to easily replace and interchange the output stimuli – providing the device has a US standard power cable.  The therapist will have the ability to select a student’s profile, which will remember student preferences such as whether the switches operate as press-and-hold or press-and-release and which inputs activate which output ports (plugged into physical stimuli).  The student profile will also have the capability to monitor a student’s progress.  Therapists may monitor response time and which color buttons are preferred.