UB-DISCO                  2008

Affiliated with the University at Buffalo and the Center for Handicap Children. 

Mission:  To provide a programmable light and sound station, for therapists and teachers to use when teaching choice-making and cause-and-effect relationships to physically and developmentally impaired children. Utilizing light, sound, videos, music, spoken-word, and tactile stimulation such as soft vibration, the station will help therapists and teachers create a positive feedback, or a calming environment for students who react positively to enhanced sensory experiences. The clients and customers are the teachers and therapists. The users are the handicapped students. The plan is to keep statistics on successes and failures during use, so that teachers can alter the experience, and use it as part of a child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

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Test Report

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Semester Long Updates: 

Requirements List

Parts List 

Architectural Drawings 

Project Plan

Schematics Drawing

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Meetings: Monday @ 5:00 - Baldy 19


April 27th: UBDISCO08-FinalSubmission.zip 

April 23rd: Testing Complete: Disco Installer in production!!!!

April 23rd: Some final documentation posted. 

April 20th: DICSO 1.0 Installer

April 11th: Schematics Drawing Posted

March 27th: UBDISCO08.zip -->Input, Output, Audio/Video!! 

March 24th: Project Plan posted!

March 17th: Version .75 beta released! --> VS 2005 project

March 17th: We have relays controlled by our program!!

March 5th: Architectural Drawings Page Poster.

March 4th: Parts List posted under assignments. 

February 26th: Version 0.5 beta released!  --> VS 2005 project

February 23rd: Hardware has arrived!!! 

February 22nd: Team Meetings Page Posted!

 February 5th - Basic Requirements List Posted