Club Executive - Who Are We?

The Powerhouse Executives
Which incredible band should we book next? How can we get that awesome DJ to spin for us? Which tie clip looks best with these shoes? These folk make all the tough calls.

Ahhhh! The faces are changing! The Swing Kids are currently in transition, and fantastic things are brewing for the fall of 2014! May we present our emerging new Exec team for the 2014-2015 year...

Connor O’Brien – President

My name is Connor O'Brien, I'm a science student from the United States and am slated to graduate in 2017 I started learning Lindy Hop in the beginning of my freshman year, before that, I only had some education in ballroom dancing. Vancouver has a great number of venues for Swing Dancing, and many excellent teachers!


Jovita Chan – Vice President

Hi, I’m a third year English Literature and Geography double major at UBC. Ever since jumping into a Dancing on the Streets session last summer, I had wanted to learn swing. I joined the UBC Swing Kids immediately the fall after, taking classes in Lindy Hop and moving onto beginner’s West Coast Swing and level two Lindy. I’ve been totally hooked on Swing since– I love the music, and the vivaciousness of the vibrant swing community. If you see me at dance socials, definitely come say hi and dance with me!


Dylan Yeates– Treasurer

Dylan Yeates is just on his last year finishing up his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, but plans to stick around his hometown Vancouver for years to come. He got his start on swing dancing in the fall of 2014, and has since branched out and embraced the vibrant Vancouver swing dancing community he never knew existed!
The Coordinators
Teachers, room bookings, set up, takedown, you name it. These cats are behind the scenes making all the lessons run smoothly!


Rashmi Too Abeysekera
 Lindy Hop Coordinator

Hello! I'm a second year interested in the Gender Race Sexuality and Social Justice Major at UBC. The first time I swing danced was during new year's eve! I was only 15 and I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew that I loved it! I didn't even know the basics, but people in the swing community were so open and willing to teach me, that I had fun anyways. Ever since then, I knew that I just had to learn swing dancing. When I came to UBC last year, and heard about the UBC Swing Kids, I knew exactly which club I wanted to join. After taking the Lindy Hop beginner's and intermediate classes, with UBC Swing Kids, I couldn't be happier. I really have fallen in love with Lindy Hop! I'm still a fairly new dancer, but that's what makes it exciting! Swing is full of surprises!   



Sanjana Akella– West Coast Swing Coordinator

Hi, I’m Sanjana and am in my 3rd year of Chemical & Biological Engineering.  I was introduced to swing through my love for blues, jazz and the swing era music. I discovered UBC Swing Kids through a poster in the SUB (am I the only one still reading posters?) and dropped in for a taster lesson and social dance. I didn’t really know what West Coast Swing was, but I signed up for classes and have enjoyed it since. The swing community in Vancouver is diverse, vibrant and great fun to be a part of.



Cathy Lau - Blues Coordinator

Cathy Lau started partner dancing in the summer of 2011, beginning with free lessons and social dancing in ballroom, salsa, and east coast swing, and branching out into tango, zouk, blues, fusion, kizomba, and lindy hop, from there delving into solo dancing various styles of street dance. Blues is the partner dance she has focused most on developing, because she believes the connection, musicality, grounding, and other fundamental dance principles she has learned through blues improve all her other dances.

The Council Members
Getting you registered as a fellow Swing Kid! Greeting you with a smile at dances! Brainstorming ways to make this club even better! These are a few of the things our devoted Council Members busy themselves with year-round.

Amanda Lu - Lindy Hop Council

Hey there lovely individual reading all our bios. I am a third year Geography and French Literature double major at UBC. I was first introduced to swing dance in the summer of 2013 at Dancing on the Street (an event I highly recommend). Been in love with the form of dance and the welcoming community ever since. If you spot me at any social dances, don’t be shy swing by and say hi!  


Brodie - Lindy Hop Council


Kaitlyn Jesky -  Lindy Hop & Blues Council

Kaitlyn Jesky began swing dancing summer of 2010, a few years after her parents, when she started developing a love for swing music. She is particularly passionate about lindy hop and blues dancing, but also enjoys balboa, and partner and solo Charleston. When not on the dance floor, Kaitlyn can be found working on schoolwork, reading comic books, or getting dolled up in vintage dresses. 


Angela Zhao – Lindy Hop & Blues Council

Still fairly new to swing dancing (and dancing in general), I got my start by finding out about UBC Swing Kids just this last school year. I’ve always been interested in the music of the big-band era and to learn how to dance to it has been very exciting! Looking forward to the rest of my journey in the dancing scene! 


Matt Fisher – West Coast Swing Council

Matthew Fisher is the Western Swing Councilor for UBC Swing Kids 2013. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, BC, Matthew has just started dancing for the past year, and has loved every minute of it. He enjoys dancing and getting to know others, learning new things, and isn't afraid to sweep new dancers off their feet! Matthew also works as a Software Developer, and could talk on end about all the different types of cheese and how much he enjoys them. If you find him on the dance floor, feel free to approach him and ask for a dance!