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Glacier Creek Pacific Contracting Ltd

BC Hydro Power Smart Award Winner - Residential Builder/Developer

·   Completed one of the most ‘Sustainable & Affordable’ housings in Whistler, BC

·   Met Power Smart Gold Standards

·   Demonstrated progressive thinking for future opportunities


Glacier Duplexes at Rainbow, Whistler, BC

Eric Prall - Glacier Creek Pacific Contracting Ltd


Nov 29th, 2010


A Conversation with Glacier Creek Pacific Contracting, Power Smart Excellence Award Winner



A successful team work between Whistler Housing Authority (WHA) and Glacier Creek Contracting Ltd has led to the completion of one of the most ‘Sustainable’ and ‘Affordable’ housings, The Glacier Duplexes at Rainbow, in Whistler, BC. This has allowed Whistler local employees to live, work, recreate, and socialize in the local community, contributing to the growth of strong social capital. Residing within Whistler’s municipal boundaries at Rainbow has saved 1.5 hours of commute for local owners equating to over 3 tons of GHG emission saving as well as $2000 fuel saving per duplex annually. The 81 duplex homes at Rainbow meet the ‘Built Green Gold’ ratings, and have been recognized under BC Hydro’s regulations as ‘Power Smart Gold’.


Glacier Creek Contracting took the initiative to include many sustainable features within their design. This has led to 147,270 KWh/yr of energy conservation on the entire complex. Some of the innovative green building features of this development include: Solar assist package providing both domestic hot water and space heating; Drain waste heat recovery units; An HRV unit; Triple glazed low emission windows; Closed cell spray-foam insulation; Energy-Star appliances; Bamboo floors; Complete raining screening; 25 year roofing material; Weyerhaeuser silent floor with structure-wood, edge-gold panels; Gluelams pre- engineered beams and joists; Kiln dried finger joint studs; Pre-engineered roof trusses; Hardie fibre-cement siding; A fire suppression system; and Local drought resistant planting with no irrigation. Excluding the solar package, the complex’s energy savings reach up to 40% annually. Every duplex meets the minimum of 80 EnerGuide rating.


Environmental sustainability and community growth are the main drivers of such innovative, green developments. The key to affordability of the Rainbow project is WHA’s delicate approach to restricted lot and housing prices, and Glacier Creeks Contracting Ltd’s vision for creating energy-efficient neighborhoods under Eric Prall’s leadership. Eric believes the key to successful green projects is balancing the integration of emerging green technologies and the project affordability. 



-Sanaz Fotoohi for EGB