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NOTE: This page is subject to change, and is to be considered "under construction" until the beginning of week 2 of term.
Specifications and submission instructions will be posted throughout the semester

Problem Statement

For the project, you will be asked to implement a Collaborative Comic Book Web Application. The final product will be a web platform for the creation and visualization of comic strips
The application is aimed at two kinds of potential users:
  • Contributors are interested in creating comic strips by uploading and combining existing drawings.
  • Viewers are interested in searching through existing comics and visualizing them.
There will be some technical restriction, but for the rest you will be free to select whichever technologies you prefer. The TAs will be your onsite Customers and can give you feedback with respect to your project. You are free to develop the project as you wish; however, you must meet the following constraints:
  • your user stories should relate to one of the technical requirements below.
  • data must be persistent on the server-side of your application in some database.
  • the web application needs to be deployed on some web hosting service.
  • your mark will be affected by the ambition and follow-through of your project. If you do a simple project exceptionally well, you might get an A. If you do an ambitious project poorly, you will get a low mark.

Technical Requirements (EPICS) 

(Note: These epics may change/be refined through the first 2 weeks of semester)
  1. Access -  Users need to login with a password and have some user-specific account data (profile, preferences, media, etc...)
  2. Storage - All information about users and comic strips should be stored in a Database.
  3. Editing - Contributors should be able to create and modify comic strips.
  4. Viewing - Users should be able to search and view comic strips

Learning Objectives

During this project you will:
  • learn how to develop and deploy a web application.
  • work on an inter-disciplinary software development project.
  • use acceptance criteria to verify and validate your code.
  • use team software infrastructure to collaborate.
  • turn requirements into implementation.
  • prioritize and plan.
  • design and architect your system.

Constraints and tooling

You must:

  • use Github to manage your code and your team. We will provide you a private team repository for use in the project.
  • use Typescript for your client and server side development.
  • use Express  for your server side development..


The project will be divided in three separate sprints. The TAs will serve as your customers and your team leaders.

Marking Scheme

The final project is worth 35% of your final mark, comprised of:

  • Sprint 1: 30% (of project grade)
  • Sprint 2: 30% (of project grade)
  • Sprint 3: 40% (of project grade)
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