Information Technology has grown exponentially over the past 40 years.  So much that it has become a staple in our daily lives. Between calling friends and families, Texting a quick message, Checking Facebook, Sending Emails, Creating picture slideshows, capturing movies, and more.  We as a world have embraced technology and have required its use regularly.  Because of the changes in the world, the changes in our education system, and the demand of a faster more connected global economy; Upsala Area Schools is embracing the technological need, by initiating a Bring-Your-Own-Device learning atmosphere...

That's right, as of September 2012, Upsala Area Schools is rolling out with Rock-IT! A new initiative that allows students grades 7-12 to bring in their own electronic device to help enhance their curricular needs, meet assignment requirements, and provide a more engaging learning experience!  In our fast growing and ever changing world, Upsala would like students to stay connected, and embrace the growth through technology in education.  

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