Welcome to UALC Tae Kwon Do!

UALC TKD ministry provides an opportunity for recreational exercise,
using martial arts as a vehicle for advancing the Kingdom 
of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Class Times: Mondays & Wednesdays 6 - 7pm, 
Saturdays 11am - 12noon
Fees: $25 per person per month 
($75 for a family of 3 or more!)
Belt Test: $25     Uniform: $15
Location: Classes meet in the Fellowship Hall at The Church on Lytham 
2300 Lytham Rd, Upper Arlington Ohio 43220

 Our Head Instructor
Ministry Leaders  
 Bu Kwan Jang Nim, Thomas Wang, 4th Degree Black BeltSa Bum Nim,
Angie Edmonds,
3rd degree Black Belt 
Cho Gyo Nim,
Dana Flowers,
1st Degree Black Belt 
Cho Gyo Nim,
Parker Wiksell,
1st Degree Black Belt
Mr. Wang's martial arts experience dates back to 1968 where he studied TKD under Master An in Cincinnati. He then studied Shotokan Karate under Master Greer Golden at OSU. He has also studied TKD under Master Greg Fears at the Ernie Reyes World Martial Arts Association and is a former instructor at the Bethel Road facility.

Mr Wang and his wife, Karen, are the parents of seven children, five of which hold black belts. Not only is Mr. Wang an expert martial artist, he also provides strength of character and Christian leadership to our club. Mr Wang is a former Deacon at the Columbus Chinese Christian Church.

Contact:     ualc_tkd@ualctkd.org


"And whatever you do, whether in word or in deed, do it all in the name of The Lord Jesus, 
giving thanks to The Father, through Him" - Cols 3:17

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Club Calendar

Class Expectations

Our club follows classic traditions, including the 

Please arrive on time or you may arrive early to help with set-up and begin your warm-up. If you arrive late, please wait for the instructor to "bow you in", and then take a place in the back row. You will be invited to take your place according to belt rank following class exercises.


Belt color denotes an individual's rank in the class.  Higher ranked students have earned the privilege of lining up in the front, with lower belts behind them.  Senior belts are often given the responsibility of warming the group up and serve by teaching lower belts.  Higher belts are to model respect, service, and joy as they practice tae kwon do.

All students must be respectful (quiet and attentive) while the instructor speaks and while they wait for others to finish their work.

Address any instructor as "Sir" or "ma'am". Black Belts may be addressed according to their Korean names:

            1st Degree ChoGyo Nim

            2nd Degree                 Bu Sa Bum Nim

            3rd Degree Sa Bum Nim

            4th Degree Bu Kwan Jang Nim

            5th Degree Kwan Jang Nim

In order to learn the art, it is recommended that class participants attend at least 2 classes per week.

Assistance with take down of the mats and storage of club gear at the completion of class is expected.