Qt 4.5 for Windows: compiled MySQL plugin

Unfortunately Qt does not ships compiled MySQL plugin with Qt 4.6(latest version now) and early versions. Instead of this it has small section in the documentation with instructions how to do this. For linux developers is not big problem get required mysql development packages from a repository and build it. But under Windows things are not so obvious.
I`m lazy programmer.  I do not wanna spent time to figure out with compiling some additional qt plugins when my goal is just get working application from the just downloaded sources. The easy way is find somewhere binaries for Qt 4.6 mysql plugin. It`s a pity I did not find these binaries. So I build them myself.  You can download ready for use Qt 4.6 MySQL plugin from this page (attachments in the bottom)

Compiled with:
Visual Studio 2008
Qt 4.6.0
MySQL 5.1 (headers and lib from mysql 5.1.41)

Archive content:
\sqldrivers\<debug and release qsqlmysql4.dll>

How to use:
put \sqldrivers  and libmysql.dll  next to you executable.

Hopefully the binaries will be useful not only for me.

Anatoliy Odukha,
Jan 20, 2010, 12:51 AM