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Systems Modeling & Architecture

About the Group:
The Systems Modeling & Architecture Group supervises the simulations of spacecraft systems, mission simulation components, and the general architecture of all CS Systems.

Acting Group Lead:

Prospective Members:

So you think you have what it takes to join the Modeling & Simulations Group? (If I just scared you off, come back anyway...)
The Spacecraft Systems Modeling Group specializes in the analysis and reverse-engineering of spacecraft systems in order to create virtual emulations of those systems.
Work in this group is done in both team and independent environments. Meetings are held every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of the month with the rest of the CS team and lab time is held every Saturday morning. (Always check the calendar for time/date changes and cancelations.) While assignments are given during meetings, most modeling and implementation is done individually with the results brought back for peer review.
Work flow:
  1. Research spacecraft system from primary sources (e.g., NASA documents, blueprints, manuals)
  2. Model the system in Microsoft Visio (UML)
  3. Receive a peer review on the model
  4. Implement the model in C++ with Qt
  5. Receive a peer review on the implementation
An Example:
The RCS Quad C block has 4 reaction control system jets built in for euler rotations (roll, pitch, yaw) as well as XYZ translations. The fuel for these jets are stored in a tank and the astronauts have guages on their control panels showing how much fuel is left. In order to make these systems all work together properly, we have to model the jet and the tank feeding it, tracking the tank pressure as more fuel is expelled.
class RCSJetTank : public Tank
    RCSJetTank(double capacity, double initialLoad);
  public signals:
    void pressureChanged(double dv);
  public slots:
    void releaseFuel(double dv);
If you have an interest in either of these areas, contact the Lead to find out how you can get involved.