"If there's one thing worse than a program that doesn't work when it should, it's a program that does work when it shouldn't."
                                                                                            - Bob Archer

Welcome to the UAH Apollo Project CS Team collaboration site. This site is designed for active use by CS Team Members. Content on this site is public for anyone to view, however, write access will only be given to Active CS Team Members.

Spring 2012 Information:
WINTER BREAK - Note: Meetings will resume January 12th.

The CS Team meets every Thursday from 7-9 PM. Meetings will take place in Tech Hall N329. If the lab is closed due to Fall Break, or other reasons, we will meet in the ACM Library. We will not meet on Thanksgiving or once exams start in December.

Contact Info & Meeting Times:
The CS Team holds Team Meetings/Lab Sessions weekly. In addition, some Groups and collections of Team Members may hold meetings and lab sessions at other times.

Please refer to the Project Wide Calendar for the most up-to-date calendar and for cancellations: https://sites.google.com/site/uahapolloproject/calendar

Meeting/Lab Sessions: Every Thursday, 7-9 PM, UAH Tech Hall N329
Team Lead: zachary.groff@uah.edu