Our 27th Annual Game Dinner will be April 19th; location TBA, but we are accepting meat donations.

    We will be going to Denali Winterfest 2014 on February 22

    We will be building American Kestrel nest boxes and also marking GPS points for the boxes on February 23

    We will put up boxes during the weekend of March 8-9.

    Ten people will be traveling to Anchorage for the Alaska Chapter annual conference March 31-April 2.

    The University of Alaska Fairbanks Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society

    As the northernmost student chapter in the country we have a unique opportunity to learn in a 365 million acre classroom. The wilderness of this great state is as diverse as its people and every day is an adventure.

    Our chapter is open to all majors, and our members strive to encourage research, community outreach, and professionalism in the fields of wildlife biology and natural resource management.


        -Brandon Elkins
    Secretary/ Treasurer
        -Alex Lewis
    Events Coordinator
        -Haley Heniff
    Public Relations
        -Rachel Noriega
        -Adam Haberski 
    Faculty Advisor
        -Laura Prugh

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