GeoDaze: Dating glacial moraine boulders, Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru. Photo: A. Hudson

Tree Ring Day 
Earthweek 2015 kicks off Tuesday, April 7th with Tree Ring Day, Hosted by the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research. Tours of the new Bryant Bannister Tree-Ring Building will run from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon. In the afternoon, Tree-Ring Lab graduate students and faculty will give ten minute informal research talks. These events are free and open to the SEES community.

AIR (Atmospheric and Interdisciplinary Research) is a one-day conference that consists of talks by students from the UA Department of Atmospheric Sciences on their current research. The conference includes research topics related to atmospheric sciences and other interdisciplinary topics (e.g. chemical engineering and hydrology). AIR includes sessions related to observations and remote sensing retrievals, the North American Monsoon, and the evaluation of weather and climate models. A special session consisting of an alumni panel discussion or a keynote speaker is also part of AIR. 2015 will feature two keynote speakers from the atmospheric science field.

El Dia del Agua 
El Día del Agua, the annual student research symposium sponsored by the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources and the HWR Student Association (HWRSA), is one of the hallmark events held during EarthWeek, At El Día del Agua, students make oral and poster presentations to showcase their research to the campus and professional community. In addition to student presentations, the day features a continental breakfast, a light buffet lunch, a luncheon speaker, and an afternoon keynote address. The day concludes with the announcement of student awards and prizes for oral and poster presentations and the recognition (student ballot) of the most outstanding undergraduate and graduate faculty instructors in the department with presentation of the coveted AquaMan/AquaWoman trophies. Following the awards ceremony, a reception is held for sponsors, attendees, and student presenters.

Geodaze is a student-run symposium organized by the Department of Geosciences at the UA. Now in its 43rd year, GeoDaze allows graduate students and undergraduate students the opportunity to showcase their research and to receive valuable feedback from faculty, alumni, and their peers. Every year, the symposium covers a wide variety of topics: paleoclimatology, seismology, isotope geochemistry, and economic and structural geology, etc. Each year, guests join us from governmental and private agencies and each year a distinguished scientist is invited to give the keynote lecture. This year we are proud to be hosting Dr. Paul Hoffman of Harvard University. 

SNRE The mission of the School of Natural Resources and the Environment is to provide innovative and interdisciplinary research and applications that lead to the sustainable management of the natural resources in Arizona, the West, and the Nation, and to educate existing practitioners and the next generation of resources managers, scientists, and policy makers who will take on the challenge in an ever-changing world.

As part of the larger SEES EarthWeek event, the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science hosts a yearly conference that is open to the community. SWESx is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to share their research and spur new collaborations that combine biology, physics and chemistry to understand environmental systems, including human interactions. Participants gain professional experience in a low-pressure environment by practicing scientific communication and receiving feedback from professionals in a variety of fields. All SWES students are encouraged to participate and share their research or personal interests through an oral presentation or a professional poster. Students from other departments are also welcome to present environmentally-related research.

AIR: Measuring hail from a tornado producing supercell