Convergences: The Department of English Annual Theme Program. 2012-2013 Theme: The Technological Sublime 2.0

FRIDAY APRIL 5th: Bestselling author Kim Stanley Robinson will be giving a reading and book signing at the University of Arizona Poetry Center at 7pm. Pre-register for the event at to save your spot!

2012 Convergences

In an effort to increase cross-program conversation, energy and collaboration, the English Department is launching a pilot program titled Convergences. This will be an annual departmental theme around which activities, courses and discussions can cohere. For 2012-2013, the theme is The Technological Sublime. What is "the technological sublime"? Does it suggest that nature no longer produce the sublime but only built artifacts can? Or that they both can produce the sublime, but in ways complicated by the human fingerprint on the non-human world? When, how and why does this concept arise and how does it relate to the tradition of critical thinking and the sublime? In short, how can we use this construct as a way to better understand our relationships with technology, nature and the sublime?  

Spring 2013 Events

Wednesday Feb 20th, 4PM, ML 451- The Toxic Sublime: Imaging Contaminated Landscapes, a guest lecture by Jennifer Peeples of Utah State.

Thursday Feb 28th, 6PM, Poetry Center Breezeway- A Student Mixer for classes tied to the theme of "The Technological Sublime 2.0." 

Wednesday Mar 27th-7PM, Poetry Center Rubel Room- A reading of poetry and prose by Simmons Bunton as part of the Next American Nature and Science Writing Series. Reception following.
Prior to the reading, Simmons Buntin will lead a Carson Scholarship Environmental Writing Workshop at the Poetry Center. The workshop is closed to the public. 

Friday Apr 5th, 7PM, UA Poetry Center Rubel Room- A reading and book signing by bestselling novelist Kim Stanley Robinson. Reception following. 

Friday May 3rd, 3-5PM, Student Union Kiva Room- Graduate Student Presentations from seminars linked to "The Technological Sublime 2.O." 

Check back this Summer for Fall 2013 events!

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