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Travel baseball is a select team of baseball players who practice and travel together, playing in weekend baseball tournaments. UAMBA has established guidelines that allows UAMBA affiliated travel baseball teams to form with access to our fields, insurance and the security of our coaches with our background checks.

The program’s goal is to work in collaboration with Upper Allen Baseball Association leagues and schedules. UAMBA travel baseball does not conflict with UAMBA rec baseball or UAMBA all-stars.

Who can try out?  Any participant in the UAMBA program.

What age groups are available?  The following levels are offered for the 2020-2021 travel baseball season.  Travel baseball follows the age requirements for the UAMBA 2021 rec season:

  • 15U - For any player who turns 15 on May 1, 2021 or after

  • 14U - For any player who turns 14 on May 1, 2021 or after

  • 13U – For any player who turns 13 on May 1, 2021 or after

  • 12U – For any player who turns 13 on May 1, 2021 or after

  • 11U – For any player who turns 12 on May 1, 2021 or after

  • 10U – For any player who turns 11 on May 1, 2021 or after

  • 9U – For any player who turns 10 on May 1, 2021 or after

  • 8U – For any player who turns 9 on May 1, 2021 or after

What will travel baseball cost?  The target goal is to keep the cost at $400 per player or less.  With sponsors and fundraisers that projected cost is reduced significantly.

Teams selected are in place from Aug. 1, 2020 through July 31, 2021

Teams are required to operate under the UAMBA Code of Conduct. Travel teams are NOT financially supported by UAMBA. The cost of uniforms, tournaments entry fees, equipment and travel expenses are the responsibility of the members of each travel team. Management of those expenses is the sole responsibility of the individual travel team. 

Selection to any UAMBA affiliated travel team does not guarantee a spot on a UAMBA all-star team. Travel players who play for UAMBA in the spring time are evaluated and drafted under UAMBA all-star guidelines.

UAMBA encourages players playing falls sports such as football and soccer to still consider trying out for UAMBA travel. While travel teams may practice and play in the fall, the majority of the practice and tournaments are spring and summer dates. Periodic indoor winter workouts may also be held.  

It is important for parents to understand that if your child is selected to a UAMBA travel team there is an expectation of commitment which will be defined by the manager at each level.

If your child is interested in trying out for a UAMBA travel team email Kirby Clark at


Kirby Clark

Upper Allen Mechanicsburg Baseball Association Travel Coordinator