Anthropology is about people...

UAB's Anthropology Club is a student academic and special interest organization with the primary goal of illuminating and communicating the variability of human activity in different regions of the Earth, across time, using as many reliable methods as possible. People interested in learning about, documenting and evaluating the roles of music, religion, environment, gender, status, power, food, mythology, etc., in human cultures across the world over large stretches of time are welcome! Though group meetings, discussions, presentations, movies, and field trips traditionally comprise the bulk of academic and special interest collegiate club activity (and are in fact an important function of the Anthropology Club), there is a service element to club participation that includes educational outreach to children and young adults in the public schools of Birmingham, AL through the UAB Anthro-Teach program.

Birmingham is an ideal location for a variety of anthropologically relevant lines of research, and at the UAB Department of History and Anthropology, we have professors that specialize in forensics, primatology, linguistics, archaeology, ethnography, animal bone identification, satellite remote-sensing, film-making and many other exciting and academically valuable areas. Additionally, they have studied in Mesoamerica (Mexico), Indonesia (Borneo, Java and Bali), Africa (Egypt), South America (Brazil) and the Central Pacific (Fiji), and hope to expand those areas of research in the future. 

Professionals conducting research at several local archaeological sites are always looking for student and community volunteers, and conferences and other enrichment activities in every subfield of anthropology are available year-round. We have the resources and opportunities. All we have to do is organize and get out there!

These are some of the topics we're encouraging people to discuss online, and to bring to future meetings:

Having a Google Account makes it easier to share calendars, documents, and messages between community members, so if you would like to make posts and participate in discussions, email with the information listed below:
  • Name
  • Email you plan on using as primary account
  • UAB Student Status
  • Major
  • Anthropological Interests/Experiences
More topics and features will be added as the Anthropology Club evolves.

Feel free to forward the url to all that are interested!