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The most recent new U3As are in Waterfall Hills, near Kyalami just north of Johannesburg, and Greyton in the Overberg. We wish them all the best. See their new pages on this site.

We've added a new link on the LINKS page to the South Africa Association of Retired Persons.

Frozen UK State Pensions

All U3As are likely to have amongst their members some who are receiving a UK State Pension. These members had their pension payments frozen at the level they first started to receive them This situation has been the subject of lengthy court proceedings in UK, and at the European Court of Human Rrights, led by the SAABP in SA.  This process has now been taken over by the similar Association in Canada. .  Click on the link below for updates on the fight for fairness and parity. 

Alliance of British Pensioners at   http://britishpensions.com
For a general overview of British pensions for overseas residents, also see
Dual Nationality Bill
Some members have expressed concerns about the contents of a proposed South African Citizenship Amendment Bill.
Some fear that a British expatriate who has taken out South African citizenship might be required to surrender his/her British/EU passport to South African authorities.
According to the subject Bill, this will not be the case in respect of people who originate from a country that recognises dual nationality.
It is our understanding that Great Britain is such a country.

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