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The 2011 U3A Conference in Singapore - report

The organization of the Sace U3A International Conference took place in  Singapore on 8-9 August 2011. 
The international U3A web site for this conference was hosted by the U3A Asia Pacific Alliance

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The Harrow U3A web site has some 400 links to U3As and similar establishments for 'Learning in Later Life' in 25 countries world-wide. The webmaster maintains the collection in the UK of links to national and international U3A websites and those of equivalent organizations.

To various special interest areas.

South African Association of Retired Persons
NEW A new link on our site to this Association, which has may benefits for retired people. Definitely worth a visit. A recommendation from a member reads -
"I would like to let you know that I have just changed my short term insurance (Houseowners, Householders, Cars etc) to a scheme through the
South African Association of Retired Persons (SAARP) at a saving of over 40%, on better terms and conditions. SAARP can be contacted on
021-5921279, ask for Renske or email, renske@saarp.co.za It would seem that on buying insurance through them you become a member and receive the newsletter.
If you do less than 10,000 Km per year in any car, you get a low mileage discount, be sure to ask for it."

Senior Service
A web site that is a virtual treasure house of information about retirement homes and such in South Africa. Also with many other helpful links for seniors.

Retirement Places
A new website maintained by Senior Service. Instead of you doing a search for a facility, you will now complete a simple form requesting what you are looking for and the form will be sent to all Senior Service's clients in that area who offer the type of facility and service. The retirement facilities (the Senior Service clients) will then contact you directly. For further information contact info@seniorservice.co.za

Wikipedia article on U3A worldwide, including references to 'on-line' learning opportunities.

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