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Website instructions

Getting the latest about U3A South Africa

Normal procedure

To look at any of the material posted on the Internet for any individual U3As in South Africa, go to the web page


Click on 'List of SA U3As' on the menu bar at the side, and another page will be displayed, showing a list of all the U3As in South Africa.
(org in the address means 'ORGanisation' i.e. NOT a co = COmmercial enterprise)

Click on the city/town name that you are interested in. Most U3As have at least a Newsletter and Course List. Not all of them are up to date. In that case send an email to the most appropriate person shown on that U3A's main page and ask for an updated version. Bring to their attention the outdated material on the internet.

Trouble shooting

  • The page does not display (typically with a message 'The page cannot be displayed'). Check your connection to the internet.

  • An old version of the page is displayed, but you have been assured that a new one is there. Click on 'Refresh' - the two little green arrows on the toolbar, or View->Refresh or F5, or similar function (depending on the browser that you're using). If you are connected, you'll get the new page. If you are not connected, you'll get the 'Page cannot be displayed' message.

  • You still get the old page, even when you are connected and you click Refresh. In your browser window, click on Tools Internet Options, or similar. On the General tab, Temporary Internet files, click 'Delete Files'.

  • You still get the old page. In your browser window, click on Tools Internet Options. On the General tab, Temporary Internet files, click Settings. On 'Check for newer versions of stored pages:', select 'Every visit to the page.'

  • Why is this necessary? Your internet browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer) stores the pages you visit so that it can show them to you again without downloading them each time from the internet. Depending on your settings, it may go on showing you an old version of the page even when there is a new one available. (The store may be referred to as the cache.)
  • For a complete set of instructions for all commonly used internet browsers, go to Wikipedia:Bypass_your_cache

Portable Document Format

Most U3As elect to put documents on the website as pdf files. The advantage is that these files will appear exactly as they were created regardless of the type of computer which is used to display them. The (minor) disadvantage is that you need a special program to view or print them. If you do not already have Adobe Reader on your computer, download Foxit installer by clicking on this link Foxit (it's free, quicker and slicker, and a quarter of the size of Adobe Acrobat Reader). After downloading, simply run the installation program. For more detailed instructions click here.

E-mail Addresses
On many pages you will see small icons like this: (a blue envelope) Clicking on the icon will initiate the process of sending an e-mail to the person whose name is alongside. We do this to conceal the address from trawling robots looking for addresses to target for spam.

These instructions

To print these instructions for handy reference, click on 'File Print' (probably at the top left of your screen) or Ctl + P or similar.