Welcome to U3A in Western Australia

University of the Third Age was founded in France in 1972 and spread rapidly across the world.  An International Association of U3As was established in 1976.  The first U3A in Australia began in Melbourne in 1984.  Since then the movement has grown to hundreds of  independent U3As across all states and territories.

University of the Third Age describes the third stage of life when people over the age of 50 years may come together to share an interest in lifelong learning.  Many participants are in active retirement.  Members are drawn from all walks of life and enjoy staying mentally alert through being actively engaged in learning.  U3A is a self-help community based on members sharing their knowledge and experience in the joy of learning and friendship.  There are no qualifications needed and none are awarded. 

We are the state-wide incorporated body covering all U3As in Western Australia. Most other states in Australia have established a mechanism for fostering interaction between individual groups within their own state, and with the national and international movement.  At a meeting held on 4th July, 2012 at the University of Western Australia,  U3A Network WA was formed for the same purpose.  It was stressed that
each individual club would maintain its own independence and continue to be run by its own Management Committee.  Seven of the ten active U3As across Western Australia volunteered to participate in the new communications Network.   All new and old clubs are welcome.  No club is too small to participate.

These are our Aims and Objectives.

(i)       Promote the U3A movement in Western Australia.

(ii)      Facilitate communication between local and national U3A groups.

(iii)     Provide support for existing U3A groups and for the formation of new groups.

(iv)     Establish connections with local and state government agencies and with other appropriate groups in the community.


This website was launched on 4th August, 2012.  The team hopes to expand it over time to make it a centre for shared information and useful resources for lifelong learning.  Please accept our invitation to share your ideas and stories with us.   Kindly e-mail the Editor.  Our  e-mail address is:      


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