About Us

U3A Kyneton is an affiliated member of the U3A Network-Victoria,
which aims to promote a continuing lifetime of learning and well-being.

No exams and educational qualifications are not required or given. 
All those retired, or not in full time employment, 
are especially welcomed.

U3A Kyneton History & Background

U3A Kyneton (U3AK) is based in the Shire of Macedon Ranges (MRS). It was formed in August 2005 following a public meeting. The first U3A in the Shire had been established in Gisborne some years earlier.

The Kyneton membership agreed to operate under its own model rules. The founding President was Doug Lyon whose experience significantly assisted the evolution of Kyneton’s U3A. He remained President until November 2009. The membership was drawn mainly from the residents of Kyneton, Woodend, Tylden and Carlsruhe, and others residing in the adjacent Mount Alexander Shire.

The U3AK activities have built upon the foundations of regular weekly meetings and monthly group activities starting with the Music Appreciation Group.

Since its founding, members have provided leadership in areas of administration, promotion and marketing, group presentations, developing courses and/or activities in music, poetry, bird observing, oral history, computer studies and Tai Chi. These activities have been assisted, in part, with Victorian Government grants via the U3A Network Victoria. U3AK was accepted as a Network member in 2006.

During 2008, the MRS invited U3AK to take over the organisation and administration of Lifeball within the Shire. This recreational team game, played at walking speed and based on netball, provides pleasurable exercise suitable for older persons. Consequently, U3AK Lifeball Legends was formed. It is a member of the National Lifeball Association of Community Fitness Australia, the auspicing body.

A new U3AK constitution was agreed during 2008-2009, in order to replace the model rules, as the membership agreed to become an incorporated body. It was considered this would provide protection to the membership and give U3AK opportunities to seek grants from organisations requiring applicant bodies to be incorporated. U3A Kyneton became an incorporated body on 11th March 2009.

Since its foundation, the U3AK membership has increased four-fold and is still growing as it seeks to satisfy the needs of retired and semi-retired people in the MRS and environs.

U3A Kyneton endeavours to conduct its affairs in consistency with the principles of the world-wide U3A movement, including those of the U3A Network-Victoria. A prime objective is to promote a continuing lifetime of learning and wellbeing of U3A members.

What is U3A All About?

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Principles of U3A

A Guide for Members and Office Bearers

Based on the philosophy of the UK Founder of the U3A movement, Dr Peter Laslett:
  • To provide affordable learning opportunities for older people, using the skills and abilities of the members themselves.
  • Those who learn shall teach and those who teach shall learn, and there shall be no distinction between the two.
  • There shall be no qualifications for membership, and no awards, degrees or diplomas shall be given.
  • The emphasis shall be on learning for the love of it, and shall include an emphasis on the values of making things and improving skills of all kinds.
  • Learning shall take place in a friendly, supportive, social environment.
  • Those joining a U3A shall pay for its upkeep.
  • There shall be no payment to any person (member or non-member) for teaching or providing a service to members except in the case of reimbursement for such expenses as travel, photocopying etc.
  • The curriculum of a U3A shall be determined by the needs/preferences of members and according to the resources available to it.
  • To be at all times, non-political and non-sectarian in our approach.