Learning for the Third Age
We are a voluntary organisation of mature age people enjoying low cost learning and activities, keeping us mentally and physically active and alert

Who are we?

The U3A Victoria Network has just completed a pilot survey of 6 U3A groups in rural, metropolitan and regional areas which has some interesting information as to who joins U3A and the news is pretty good.

Statistically you are between 60-75 years of age and you enjoy being active and contribute by joining other organisations, you are involved with family, you enjoy attending performances, you avoid social isolation and you are in U3A for the long term rather than the short term those who join at 60 can expect roughly 25 years of active involvement with the group.

Membership is largely female (66%) with 50% of us living with a partner. Our education levels are diverse as is our income levels but we are committed to being positive and getting on with life.

While we did not participate in the study, U3A Kyneton measures up fairly well against this report card and our aims pretty much reflect the conclusions of this study.

Click HERE to read the complete study.

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